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Suffering from dry eye can make getting through your day a challenge, distracting you from tasks you need to focus on and taking you away from activities you enjoy. Your eyes may be red and dry from the moment you wake up or after a long day of using digital screens. Stop putting up with dry eye and get the help you need to restore your quality of life.

Dry eye therapy is tailored to you, with solutions for your lifestyle and eye health. Contact the team at Oracle Vision Care today so we can help you experience lasting relief.

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye (also called dry eye syndrome) is a common, chronic condition occurring when the eyes fail to produce enough tears or tear components, resulting in moisture evaporating too quickly. Common symptoms of dry eye include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Burning or stinging
  • Irritation or redness
  • Light sensitivity 

Untreated, dry eye can increase the risk of frequent infections or scarring, leading to vision impairment.

Alleviating Dry Eye Symptoms

A consistent layer of tears (called the tear film) is essential for keeping your eyes clean, nourished, and comfortable. We offer a variety of treatments to best suit your needs, and to address your dry eye symptoms.

We assess your eye health and discuss your lifestyle to understand why you’re experiencing symptoms, so we can provide appropriate, personalized solutions. Call, email, or book an appointment with us today to understand what dry eye treatment is best for you.

Low Light Level Therapy

Low light level therapy (LLLT) is a non-invasive dry eye treatment using near-infrared (invisible) light. The light energy stimulates new collagen production (a protein essential for tissue repair and controlling inflammation). The protein repairs and maintains tissue, helping to resolve inflammation or blockages in the meibomian glands.

The meibomian glands release oils, a layer of the tear film essential for preventing moisture evaporation. Improving oil flow enhances tear quality and soothing symptoms of dry eye.

OcuSoft Thermal 1-Touch uses localized heat therapy to restore tear quality by targeting the meibomian glands (oil glands in the eyelids). Warmth and careful pressure are applied to the eyelids, removing blockages in the glands that can contribute to inflammation and irritation. Restoring oil flow improves tear quality, as the oily layer of tears prevents tear evaporation.

Punctal plugs prevent tears from draining, keeping the eye’s surface hydrated and comfortable. The tiny insert is placed in the puncta (tear ducts). Temporary punctal plugs (made of collagen) can dissolve and be safely absorbed by the body, lasting a few days or months. Semi-permanent plugs are made from medical-grade plastic and can last years.

Lacrisert is a prescription lubricant. The small, dissolvable tablet is inserted into the lower eyelid to help moisturize the eyes and reduce irritation.

Patients may use Lacrisert and punctal plugs in combination with other treatments to maximize relief.

Homeopathic remedies focusing on stimulating natural healing responses with tailored treatments. The solutions used depend on your individual needs, lifestyle, and medical history. You may benefit from warm compresses, preservative-free eye drops, omega-3 supplements, or eyelid cleansers.

We can discuss your needs and complete a thorough evaluation to determine appropriate homeopathtic treatment options.

See Us for Your Dry Eye Care

The quality and comfort of your vision can significantly impact how you live your life. Dry eye therapy can help you take control of your eye health with prevention methods you can practice for everyday comfort and a customized treatment plan designed to restore lasting relief.

We believe in providing our patients with the care they need to thrive. Request an appointment at Oracle Vision Care today so our dedicated team can create a dry eye therapy plan tailored to your vision needs.

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